Highway Crossings

General Signals manufactures a complete line of both 12 and 8 inch highway crossing roundels. All standard lenses for pedestal, cantilever, and back lights are available for immediate shipment.

Parabolic Reflectors


Parabolic reflectors in glass, plastic, and metal are available in both 12 and 8 inch sizes. General Signals stocks replacement reflectors for all crossing lights and signals. Cross references are available.

Wayside Signal Lenses

Wayside Signals

General Signals maintains the most complete line of wayside signal lenses in the country. Inner and outer doublets are made of Lexan, glass, and plexiglas. All standard sizes are available including dwarf, inverted color lights, and semaphore lenses.

Search Light Lense

Search Lights

Search light lenses in Lexan, glass, and plexiglas are in stock at General Signals. Both flat and convex outer lenses are available to fit most manufactures light units. Our inventory also includes plano magnifying compound lenses, plus 1 inch conical’s and flat colored roundels.

Switch Light

Switch Lamps

General Signals has replacement lenses for most makes and models of switch lamps still in use throughout the country. Whether you are a mainline, short line, or a collector, GSI can find the proper replacement lens for you.

Lense Protector

Lens Protectors

Vandalism is a fact of life in the world today. General Signals’ heavy duty Lexan lens protectors can reduce the high cost and time of lens replacement. All standard sizes are available.