What is it? A Patented mechanical apparatus which can be attached to any standard gate mechanism-Mast mounted or pedestal mounted.
What does it do? Allows for vehicles attempting to pass through a lowered gate arm to do so without damage to the gate itself.
How does it work? Any standard fiberglass/aluminum gate arm used in conjunction with our Gate Keeper will, upon contact with a vehicle, swing in concentric motion and allow the vehicle to pass, without damage to the gate. The gate arm will then return to its original position and lock into place.
What improvements have been made?A bumper spring has been added to our design, which allows it to operate with a gate arm of up to 40 feet in length. There is a shear pin for high wind areas.
What can The Gate Keeper do for you?Reduce replacement cost of gate arms, labor costs of maintaining gate arms along with reducing the liability inherent when a gate arm is down.
General Signals’ Gate Keepers are available in a bi-directional design, a standard right hand design, a reverse design as well as a model SK-1000-B.