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A little of our history…

General Signals was started in 1950 and the company was operated from the owner’s garage until 1985 when he sold the company to the present owners. His only products were a limited number of railroad lenses. The company has expanded to include every signal lens used in this industry, the Gate Keeper, the electronic bell, LED crossing lights, gate lights, gate arms, and cross bucks.

The Gate Keeper was patented to the industry in 1990 and has literally saved the industry millions of dollars by reducing the replacement of broken gates. The electronic crossing bell has no moving parts; its non-corrosive construction has saved the industry considerable costs also. These products have been copied by others in the industry at some level but not to a quality that meets our standards.

We keep all of our products at adequate inventory levels to supply your needs almost immediately. Your order placed with us today may be shipped to you tomorrow and certainly within a week.

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